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  • Analysis of Chinese medical device market conditions

    Recently visited the country and more learned , import medical equipment \"nibble \" the process of China\'s medical market in recent years gradually intensifying , our position in the medical market is ...

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  • Why praised the medical device industry?

    Medical equipment, instruments specifically refers to the treatment and health check-ups . Under market economy conditions , the purchase of medical equipment is no longer a hospital patents, and beco...

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  • Medical equipment for the paint market is unstoppable

    In recent years , medical equipment extraordinarily rapid development of special coatings market . According to foreign media recently reported that in 2009 , the global market for medical devices ded...

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  • Safe use of firearms Tips

    Purchase of medical equipmentProblems inConsumers in the purchase of medical products , first of all, to look whether the company made \" Medical Device Distribution Enterprise License\" and \"business l...

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