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Analysis of Chinese medical device market conditions

Time: 2013-11-08 11:14:46     
Recently visited the country and more learned , import medical equipment "nibble " the process of China's medical market in recent years gradually intensifying , our position in the medical market is lost , suffered huge economic losses , it is also faced with the loss of confidential information on the disease , increased technical difficulty of breaking the monopoly multiple risks.
According to Chinese Medicine & Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce statistics, in 2012 , China's medical device imports amounted to 12.472 billion U.S. dollars , an increase of 14.56% . Of which 31 varieties of imports amounted to one hundred million U.S. dollars in scale to generic diagnostic equipment, color ultrasound diagnostic equipment , rehabilitation equipment to make up for physical defects , X-ray tomography instrument , endoscopy, medical tubing , magnetic resonance imaging device of high value-added products Lord. Medtronic , Shanghai East Pine , none Teng , Johnson & Johnson , Kimberly-Clark , Roche Diagnostics and other multinational companies are the top ten importers.
Imported Medical Devices " unified"
"Domestic medical equipment industry in the global medical device market share of less than 3% , and China's huge consumer market for medical devices disproportionate ." Shanxi Food and Drug Administration said a staff member .
According to reports, China's medical device industry is a new industry , whether it is production or research and development are far from being able to meet the market demand, especially in high-end products still rely on imports. Medical institutions currently use several large high frequencies , such as CT, magnetic resonance imaging equipment , ultrasound and other biochemical analyzer and are basically imported products, other domestic medical device products also account for only about the total domestic demand for Liu Cheng.
It is understood , not only in Shanxi provincial hospitals , municipal hospitals , all kinds of Chinese Medicine Hospital, West Hospital , the world of medical equipment are imported . Even the vast majority of county hospitals in the country , medical equipment imports also labeled "tab ."
" Hospitals need , patients also need to import medical devices get the ' universal ' ." Food and Drug Administration of Shanxi Province , a staff member said. According to him , a few good performance of domestic products in the three hospitals have almost no market can only go township hospitals and other " low-level route ."
The high-precision end dependence on imported medical devices in medical institutions phenomenon is widespread . Reporters visited three hospitals in Chongqing section found that almost all high-end medical equipment from Japan , USA, Germany imported products. In addition to the three hospitals , a number of county-level hospitals , primary hospital also hard to find traces of domestic products .
Yuzhong District People's Hospital has six high-end medical equipment , non- domestic one . The Section Master Renzhou Hong said, " hospitals in high-end products are not considered basic domestic products ." Chongqing Municipal Food and Drug Administration Medical Device Management Services , said Li Xiaoping , 2010 , Chongqing Medical Device Industry Exports account for about corporate annual output value 30% showed a significant export-oriented development. China's medical institutions do not agree with the phenomenon of domestic products, prominent local enterprises is difficult to expand the domestic market .
Bidding Policy kickback lax multinational high
" Depending on the displacement, a CT import prices ranging from 200 million to tens of millions of dollars. Rather made more than 100 million can buy ." Dean said at a hospital in Shanxi , despite the great domestic equipment price advantage , but it never went into the hospital's procurement horizons .
The reason is simple , the domestic medical equipment technology lags far behind foreign countries. The president said: "The imported CT image clarity, good performance, quick replacement of domestic technology, however , as imports of easy to use, with the difference is relatively large. ."
However, some domestic medical device manufacturers believe that this reason is not sufficient. Mountains Beyond Mountains Chongqing Technology Co., Ltd. is our blood purification Industry Alliance chairman of the unit , the production of a hemodialysis machine National Science and Technology Progress Award , the technical level to compete with the imported products . Yong , chairman of the company's high-gloss , said: "Some do not need such expensive Hospital of advanced equipment , resulting in idle and waste of resources ."
The industry believes that the domestic medical equipment is difficult to expand the domestic market for two main reasons:
First, China's current medical device industry standards, environmental policy is applied in a large number of imported medical devices produced . Chongqing Jiangbei District Hospital of Laboratory Director Chen Kun , the hospital regularly want to check the results submitted to Chongqing to assess the clinical laboratory to check the accuracy of " centers of all imported products, technical parameters referring to imported products , so we have to imports , otherwise the test results will be much difference Hospital rectify . "
Second Bidding lax policy implementation in practice bidding , many units expressly provides only purchase imported products. High light Yong told reporters , a large hospital Beijing only purchase imported products , corporate complaints to them. But if not immediate withdrawal of the hospital said that they would use their influence in the industry, so that the country hospitals do not have my company's products .