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Why praised the medical device industry?

Time: 2013-11-07 11:14:00     
Medical equipment, instruments specifically refers to the treatment and health check-ups . Under market economy conditions , the purchase of medical equipment is no longer a hospital patents, and become common business practices into the public families.
Public health and health awareness , aging approximation, metropolis and the second and third tier cities , urban communities, including farmers get rich , quick release their medical electronic equipment needs , plus the new medical reform push , both for the medical device industry rapid development of the market infrastructure .
So, what the medical device market business model and profit model? Factors restricting the development of this industry have? How to make the healthy development of the industry , so that more people will benefit ? In recent days , the reporter walked into a lot of the medical device industry engaged in the business of Taiyuan , through the issuance of the industry conducted a questionnaire survey .
The Butterfly Effect spawned the overall sales of medical devices
Taiyuan Twin Tower Temple ( East ) Street , because medicine company in Shanxi Province , Shanxi Medical Devices , Shanxi Provincial People 's Hospital and other units exist , since the reform and opening up, many businessmen to pour in, started to invest in operating medical equipment , and gradually formed a medical devices street. Today, less than 1,000 meters along the street , gathered with dozens of shops operating medical equipment . " Chinese medical model in line with international standards , the development of medical treatment from the original model to the comprehensive preventive health care model , provide development opportunities for our industry ." Emil Taiyuan Liu healthcare company official said, with the improve the medical needs of the residents , such as diabetes, blood glucose monitor , blood pressure measuring instrument, such as hypertension, some of the common , long-term need of control and treatment monitoring products, has begun into people 's daily lives. His twenty years in the medical equipment business in the temple towers ( East ) Street set up branches , but also something years ago.
Concerns related to chronic diseases and the elderly , the growth of this market demand has been a lot of attention from investors . Shan Xi Zhuoer letter Branch Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 , operates in the areas of medical devices covered by a class , II, III , mainly engaged in medical equipment wholesale and retail . " Despite the many brands of home medical equipment , but the patient population was still at a low level of per capita holders ." Ms. Lee said the company official , the rural and the second and third tier cities and communities of medical electronic equipment needs to speed up , or about the quick release is good throughout the medical device industry . She said, " In our medical device market has great potential for development in Shanxi ."
Interview, the reporter learned that medical devices will become increasingly large consumer market , home medical equipment is particularly prominent.
Herding operating under the business hard to defend positions
Some tenants told reporters that in recent years , the market has great potential for medical devices , medical equipment are some of the new dealers eyeing , all eyeing. New dealers have begun to covet temple towers ( East ) Street this Feng Shui.
Demand year after year, why the operators actually bitter , blaming difficult to do business ? The answer is to swallow like a whale among peers in their own customer base with each other.
Quantity inversely with the price . Dealers team gradually expanded, for any dealers are unfavorable , adding these new members , the market is trying to want to share this cup of soup , but the most prominent in the competition is price competition , low-cost competition for customers groups. "I have this little shop , the cost of fees to be paid in monthly expenses of about 60,000 yuan ." Purple days Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanxi Mr. Xue said the person in charge , and his one-month turnover less than 8 million. He believes that the market is increasingly competitive , much the same company merchandise sales outlets , resulting in sales prices down, lost profits , when there is a loss. "Customer is God , but " God "too picky , we all feel increasing pressure operation ." Mountain Xi Zhuoer letter Electronics Co., Ltd. Leader Lee believes that the price is determined by the market , a consumer can tend to shop around on the basis of more fancy service , including follow-up services. Therefore , treat not move salesman and treat customers "little brain ," playing "small thinking ."
Rui Jia Taiyuan Scientific Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in the wholesale of scientific instruments , equipment , and services related to the scope of Shaanxi , Beijing , Jiangsu and other places , the target covers pharmaceutical , biochemical , food and other enterprises. Given such a business model, they do not consider hiring workers and technical staff. "We are spending a year costs about a million entries , in addition to fight, fight prices, our current difficulties is difficult to develop new customers ." The company staff member surnamed Xiao told reporters , only Taiyuan counterparts have fifty-six in the issue of admissibility of sale , "horse stepped on the car ," the situation have occurred, but they still can not consider increasing sales , big expense.
Terminal reimbursement pressures constraining dealer development
Reporters learned that the investigation , the main bottlenecks in the development of these enterprises are operating funds .
Medical device industry as a special service industry , due to large investments , slow , so that the average corporate businesses can not afford the investment costs. Reporters visited the learned , general home medical equipment , such as osteoarthritis massage chair , pulling chairs, wheelchairs, hearing aids, etc. , the price from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars, the price of some medical equipment is up to about ten million yuan , like a Taiwan and Japan NMR equipment costs reached more than 1,400 yuan, is astounding.
Since the start of new medical reform , the relevant government departments issued a series of pharmaceutical bidding policy, medical institutions agreed terms of payment, the time from the date of shipment from to pay within 60 days , but the medical institutions generally owed money wholesale business issues, including extension of repayment period the trend is still increasing. " End customers far more than the three-month period of payment , reimbursement pressure, directly restricts the working capital to our dealers ." Liu told reporters , pharmacies, Chaodeng actual sales to end customers practiced real knot, this " phenomenon of old debts owed to the new account " is not uncommon in this industry , they often exist in finance costs increased dramatically lower profits and other issues. " A year later, we come from a part of the profits to repay the loan interest ." Liu said with a sigh , some customers owed us five years to pay off the account yet .