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Medical equipment for the paint market is unstoppable

Time: 2013-11-06 11:13:18     
In recent years , medical equipment extraordinarily rapid development of special coatings market . According to foreign media recently reported that in 2009 , the global market for medical devices dedicated sales totaled $ 4.7 billion coatings ; 2012 rose to $ 6.2 billion , a CAGR of 9.9% ; expected in 2015 will increase to about $ 8.5 billion .

In recent years, foreign manufacturers have introduced a variety of special coatings for medical devices , such as non-stick coating , anti- biological corrosion coatings, insulation coatings, high biocompatible coatings , antibacterial coatings, high temperature sterilization coatings , drug delivery coatings. These coatings can play to increase the scope of medical products , medical devices and extend the life of its use to improve the effectiveness and so on.

It is noteworthy that , the development of implantable medical devices special coatings , has become a new topic of medical device manufacturers face. Because of implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers , atrial defibrillators, insulin pumps, cochlear implant , such as vascular stents remain in the body for a long time , so its performance requirements for surface coatings are often higher than the in vitro use of medical devices , for example, must have a high biocompatibility .

Nearly two years of foreign medical device developed special coatings products are:

1 dry lubrication coatings

Such coatings can be sprayed on the surface of the medical device or lumen , the medical device for improving the surface smoothness . Many life support medical equipment , such as lumen ventilator, dialysis machines , infusion pumps , etc. This coating will be used internally . According to reports, foreign manufacturers adopt new technologies will polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating sprayed on the stent lumen , forming a thin coating of only 0.0002 inches thick , thus greatly improving the smoothness of the stent lumen.

2 adhesive coating

Many plastic parts for medical devices will be used in this type of paint. It can be firmly bonded to the plastic parts to form a whole. The use of such coatings can reduce labor intensity of workers.

3 color temperature paint

Developed by the foreign manufacturers such surface coatings have been applied in a variety of medical device products. It changes with the patient's body temperature and color, so that the clinician can know at a glance the patient's body temperature changes .

4 . High temperature disinfection paint

Surgical instruments used in the product cycle must be pasteurized . A newly developed high-temperature sterilization of foreign coatings even at 1.5 atmospheres , temperatures above 120 ℃ steam sterilization environment will not be damaged. It is understood that the main components of such coatings such as parylene .

5 anti- adhesion and ultrasound transparent coating

Some medical devices must maintain lumen patency , stent that is a typical product . After a lot of research, foreign manufacturers can reduce the development of lipids stent coating adhesion , allowing stent restenosis rate was significantly reduced. Recently, foreign manufacturers has developed a catheter suitable for medical silicone coating , it can improve the smoothness of the lumen of the catheter , so that the liquid quickly through . In addition, foreign manufacturers have developed an implantable device can remain " ultrasound transparency " ( ie, likely to be detected by ultrasound ) of the new paint "Echo-Coat". Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus having the coating layer can be detected in vivo implantable devices are displaced in the other .

6 drug release coatings

Some medical devices , especially vascular stent products will lead to an inflammatory response . If coated with a drug release coating on the surface of such medical devices , anti-inflammatory and can play a role in preventing the deposition of lipids . Foreign manufacturers developed a new release of the drug can be used long stent coating material "Medi-Coat". The coating on the human body is almost non-toxic, harmless, which comprises a drug in a molecular skeleton . When the blood flow through the stent surface , the role of lipids in the blood erosion coating release drug slowly . Another sustained-release coating "LubriLAST" products are mainly used for catheters , the silver ions having antibacterial activity .