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Safe use of firearms Tips

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Purchase of medical equipment

Problems in

Consumers in the purchase of medical products , first of all, to look whether the company made " Medical Device Distribution Enterprise License" and "business license" ; secondly , to look at whether there are medical products stamped with the production units of red a copy of the seal of the medical device product registration card ; third , look at the packaging of the product registration card and specifications are consistent with the certificate of registration , to see if the products are qualified to prove , whether the product is mainly on product specification structure, properties , scope , contraindications , precautions and warnings or prompts other needs content, using valid and should be marked with the expiration date on the package.

Family emergency essential equipment

When the family suffered a sudden illness struck , in addition to master the necessary first aid measures should be equipped with a first aid kit at home . Boxes and equipment should be provided with the following drugs : alcohol cotton ; gloves, masks ; 0.9% saline , based on health requirements, the best choice for independent small or medium-sized bottle packaging , after opening with leftover should be thrown away , if not , can be distilled water or mineral water instead of unopened ; sterile gauze ; bandages, hand fit 2-inch , 3 -inch fit feet ; sling and fixed bandage or bandage safety pins ; tape ; Plastered ; plastic wrap, use it do not close the wound characteristics , wrapped in the hospital before the burn , burn site ; pocket mask or respirator mask, when subjected to artificial respiration, prevent infection ; round scissors , pliers, pincers instead of hands can hold dressings, or clamp dirt, etc. to the wound on ; flashlight , can be done for the faint of people pupillary response ; cotton swabs ; ice pack placed bruises , muscle strain or sprain of the site, so microvascular contraction, can help reduce swelling , nosebleeds when placed on the injured forehead to help stop the bleeding.

Knowledge of home blood glucose analyzer

The basic quality requirements. Instrument Test Range : 40 ~ 500mg/dl; instrument reproducibility : the standard deviation SD ≤ 3; full scale measurement absolute error : ≤ ± 1% FS; repeatability of test strips : the relative standard deviation CV ≤ 9.5%; test strip accuracy : correlation coefficient γ ≥ 0.9.

Purchase and use considerations : First, to choose the right brand, in particular through the national authorities to choose certified products. Second, the instrument should carefully read the instruction manual to learn the proper use of professionals to understand the factors that may affect the test results and test strips preservation methods , attention should be checked every time before the test strip to test whether the model match with the instrument , whether expired or deterioration. Third, the instrument calibration periodically check the accuracy of the blood glucose meter .

Maintenance of hearing aids
Hearing aids should be stored in a dry place , avoid moisture ; wire between the headset and hearing aid relatively small and can not stretch or bend twist ; earplugs to keep clean, often wiping stuck in the mouth of a small ear cerumen ; hearing aids can not be a hard collision matter , which should remove the batteries are not commonly used , so power consumption ; such as the use of hearing aids should be open switch , and then adjust the volume, transferred to listen more clearly to the degree of close-talking , not too loud, so as to avoid the occurrence of high-frequency headphones howling ; with longer time may sound intensity weakened, then you should check if there is no electricity ; sleep before the batteries should be removed ; preferably with two batteries rotating, each section of each no more than eight hours , so that battery life can be extended some .

The use of massage

When consumers use massage to note: First , do not use long massage , not to have been using massage, each time according to their own circumstances decisions have timed function switch or the usual massage, to the use it within the time frame ; Second, do not overexert when using massage, should be gradual , especially in the beginning of the lighter, accumulating a certain time to see whether they adapt , then increased overweight ; third, we should always check power cord, if it is found loose or damaged power lines , wires exposed, should immediately stop using , and sent to the designated repair point maintenance ; fourth , children, the elderly, the sick , pregnant women and other special populations should be used with caution .

How to identify counterfeit
One-time use of sterile syringes
1 coat factory die without the manufacturer's logo or trademark logo ; . 2 on the rod and jacket logo and packaging to identify inconsistencies ; 3 scale on the syringe is not printed on the side of the syringe jacket short axis , scale printing fuzzy , disconnection ; 4 syringe jacket outside cone burrs or injection flaws ; 5 has an adhesive on the needle tip on the apparent oil or needles ; 6 registrar pungent odor stopper stopper incomplete or not . Qi, or a clear silicone convergence ; . production lot 7 single packaging products inside and outside packaging and labeling is unclear or mixed, single- bag the seal broken ; 8 brought the needle does not indicate the size or specify a single package inconsistent with the actual specifications ; 9 on the product packaging without the proper medical equipment production license and registration certificate number ; .. 10 without lawful product access and production license or beyond the scope of access and production licenses .